Friday, February 17, 2012

So much for sticking to promises

Clearly, when it comes to meeting my own expectations, I fail. A million times over.

Ah well, better late than never.

So, holidays. After over a year of no flying (can you believe that?!) it was nice to be back at the airport again. Even nicer is getting into lounges despite having my membership downgraded just a month earlier (thanks anyway, Cathay!). Until it dawned on me that these visits to airports will become a near weekly event...

Enough complaints about airports and air travel. On with the main event.

It's funny how a solo trip can turn into a group tour almost overnight. Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe had been on my itinerary for years (mainly non-food related reasons, actually). Not complaining, because traveling with this particular group meant that my wallet would bleed a lot less than doing it solo. Not to mention, added bonus of going to Arima Onsen for a very relaxing 2 nights...

I'm still living in the memories. There are photos everywhere, and sorting them out on the Mac is proving to be more of a nightmare than first thought.

So here's a photo preview of the Kyoto post, which will be Part 1 of Series Japan, 2012.

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  1. Kinkakuji! Yes you are overdue... for photos and an email to me. Not that I'm much better in getting an email out.