Thursday, June 18, 2009

Never-ending Tim Tams

No Tim Tams... =(

Yes! Tim Tams! =D

That's right, the Tim Tam Genie came and did his thing... and now I have a never-ending supply of Classic Dark Tim Tams. XD

... so I wish.

Don't get me wrong; I love my Valhrona and Callebaut and Godiva and Leonidas, I can't afford to have that everyday. But Tim Tams (at least the Dark Choc one) is rather edible and quite moreish at times, which is why it's my choc and sugar fix of choice. Though, nothing will beat the chocolate cremeaux in that Adriano Zumbo's Millefeuille. Now that was amazing. *drools*
I wonder what Zumbo's version of the Tim Tam would be like. I'm imagining a rectangular chocolate macaron with some crazy fantastic filling, then dipped in Valhrona dark chocolate, maybe?

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